A New Year’s Eve outing, 31 December 1989: Returning from a New Year’s Eve outing [4/4]



January 1 1990
Berlin, Kirchhainer Damm (Lichtenrade/Mahlow) border crossing
Created By: Monika Waack

License: Creative Commons License

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Exhibition theme: Encounters and Explorations


border guard, group of people, night, sparkling wine


celebration, friend, New Year's Eve, television


Kirchhainer Damm (Lichtenrade/Mahlow) border crossing

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"With a group of friends from Berlin-Lichtenrade, we took a basketful of drinks and set off for Mahlow in the hopes that there would be some action in the village inn. IDs were still being checked at the old crossing for rubbish at Kirchhainer Damm. The village inn was closed. Across the road was a sign: 'Mahlow welcomes its visitors.' There was a party going on next door. Somebody looked out the window and invited us in. We joined the party and on TV saw pictures of people celebrating at and on the Brandenburg Gate. At two o’clock in the morning, we returned to the border crossing and drank a toast to the New Year with the border soldiers. The place was still full of people talking and there were empty sparkling-wine bottles everywhere."

Monika Waack (West Berlin)