Border crossing Kohlhasenbrück (Berlin-Steinstücken)



May 1 1990
Duration: ca 12 Min min.
Created By: Christine Krüger

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Visiting the Wall, Steinstücken near Berlin, 1 May 1990

Passersby and officers of the People's Police at a provisional border crossing in Berlin-Steinstücken (Wikipedia article, retrieved on January 6, 2010), one of the ten West-Berliner exclaves while the Wall was up; the inner Eastern wall in the background


barrier grid, border fence, child, child's pushchair, cleared border strip, group of people, guard room, inner-Eastern Wall, May Day, member of the People's Police, pavement


bicycle, construction of the Wall, fall of the Berlin Wall, hope, houses, leisure time, luckiness, May Day, savings bank, sorrow


Berlin-Steinstücken, Brandenburger Tor border crossing, Kohlhasenbrück (Berlin-Steinstücken) border crossing


Original Caption

"After 9 November 1989, these provisional containers, such as this one near Steinstücken, were used as border controls and put up at several of the newly opened border crossings. Although officially, Modrow's transitional government was dismantling the Wall, it had put up a fence all around West Berlin. But it was impossible to count all the holes..."