"Prosperity for All", Obereichsfeld, July 1990: Inside a supermarket [11/13]



July 1 1990
Leinefelde, now Leinefelde-Worbis
Created By: Bernd Schmidt

License: Creative Commons License

A supermarket in the pedestrian zone in Leinefelde, Thuringia on July 1, 1990 - the day of monetary, economic and social union between the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic


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consumption, economic policy, merchandize, monetary union, sorrow



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Salat [3x]

Langnese [2x]

Orangen Limonade [2x]

Zitronen Limonade [2x]

Jumbo [2x]

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"Back then I came up with the slogan 'Im Konsum ist der Westen los' [a pun on how the West was now flourishing at Konsum, the GDR supermarket chain]. On 1 July 1990, the currency union, which was controversial among certain sections of the population, took effect. For many, this change came too soon. They feared that the economy might collapse in the East. In March, I took a look around Obereichsfeld, and the concern was palpable. When the new currency arrived in July, it was quickly followed by completely new products, naturally from the West. Eastern products were removed from the shelves and sold off for next to nothing. On that day, people gathered outside shop windows everywhere, curious to see what was going on inside."

Bernd Schmidt (Göttingen)