Election of the People's Chamber on 18 March 1990: Display case in Wernigerode [39/47]



March 1990
Wernigerode, railway workshop of the German Reichsbahn (GDR)
Created By: Bernd Schmidt

License: Creative Commons License

A display case on the factory wall outside the East German state railway repair workshop. It shows newspaper cuttings, CDU election posters and satirical cartoons and images including an altered portrait of former GDR leader Erich Honecker in prison stripes.


election poster, handmade medium, logo, newspaper, notice (announcement), photography, portrait, satire, showcase


Alliance for Germany, Christian Democratic Union of Germany, Erich Honecker, Party of Democratic Socialism (Germany)

Text in image

Unsere Wandzeitung

Allianz f[ür] / Deutschla[nd]

CDU [3x]

Der Tatort SED - PDS


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Original Caption

"The picture was taken in March 1990 in the German state railway repair workshop in Wernigerode. It shows the 'wall newspaper' with 'Der Tatort SED gleich PDS' ('The SED is as shady as the PDS') written across the top. There's no mistaking the deep mistrust of the PDS party. Employees have 'prettified' an old Honecker picture and put it up alongside cartoons and election campaign material for the chamber elections: Honecker is regarded as a criminal - a reckoning with the old regime."