"Geld" ("Money")



December 21 - 22 1989
Bergen an der Dumme; Lemgow-Schmarsau
Created By: Wendländische Filmcooperative

License: Creative Commons License

Unused footage for the film, "Geld" (money): While paying out "welcome money", an employee jokes with East German citizens while repeated close-ups are shown of 100 DM notes and a tin printed with a dollar sign and the slogan "money talks". A short intercut shows a couple in front of the twin towers belonging to the Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt/Main - eating bananas.

Followed by fast edited impressions of the crowds at border crossings in Lemgow-Schmarsau and in Bergen an der Dumme. In interview, an employee at one of the payout locations tells of the difficulties that came with disbursing around 2 million DM "welcome money" the previous weekend. This weekend GDR citizens paid approx. 5000 DM back - "welcome money" that they had accidently received twice. "Why do you think the chancellor came up with this?"


Bergen an der Dumme, Bergen an der Dumme/Salzwedel border crossing

Text in image

12.11.89 13.00h / In Clenze gibt es keine / Lebensmittel und Südfrüchte / mehr. Bei 'Plus' in Dannen- / berg (ca. 40km) ist eben ein / Güterwagen damit ange- / kommen.

United States / Money Talks