Driving across two border crossings



May 13 1990
Philipp-Müller-Allee (Teltow)/Ostpreußendamm (Lichterfelde) border crossing, now Lichterfelder Allee/Ostpreußendamm; Grenzübergang Kirchhainer Damm (Lichtenrade/Mahlow) border crossing
Created By: Horst Hoeppener

License: Creative Commons License

The filmmaker crosses both border crossings at Philipp-Müller-Allee (Teltow)/Ostpreußendamm (Lichterfelde) and Kirchhainer Damm (Lichtenrade/Mahlow) in his car, shortly before the border facilities were dismantled.

During the time of the Wall, the latter of the two crossings was only permitted to be used by garbage vehichles belonging to the West Berlin garbage service, Berliner Stadtreinigung, eventually opening to the public on 10 November 1989.


advertising poster, barrier grid, bicycle, border fence, border guard, car, cigarette, flag of the GDR, guard room, identity document, inner-Eastern Wall, street sign, tollgate, watchtower


Brandenburger Tor border crossing, Kirchhainer Damm (Lichtenrade/Mahlow) border crossing, Philipp-Müller-Allee (Teltow)/Ostpreußendamm (Lichterfelde) border crossing



Original Caption

"Today on the 13th May, 1990, the barriers will soon be taken down and we want to drive across the border to see what it looked like all these years. Earlier, filming was not permitted in the border area, but today we're going to do it."