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Bauarbeiten am Grenzübergang Potsdamer Platz



März 1990
Berlin, Potsdamer Platz
Urheber: Hans Peter Ruben

Lizenztyp: Creative Commons License


Absperrgitter, Arbeiter, Auto, Bagger, Berliner Mauer (West), Mauergraffiti, Mauerspruch, Mehrere Personen, Trabant (Pkw)


Grenzübergang Potsdamer Platz, Potsdamer Platz

Text im Bild

The fire of freedom / brothers & sisters of the wall, you / have lit the flame / ignited with your hopes / and dreams / it burns now / brightly for all / the world to behold / [...] with your voices and / [...] from the love in your hearts / there is still much to do before we / [...] all [...] free / walls of concrete [...] and fall / just like the walls around our hearts / for when all of our / walls disappear / [...] is when peace / [...] reign and / fire will burn / [...]ever / otis / sacramen[...]

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