Advertising billboard at Heinrich-Heine Strasse border crossing



May 1990
Berlin, Heinrich-Heine-Straße border crossing
Created By: Jürgen Kronenberg

License: Creative Commons License

An advertising poster at the former Heinrich-Heine Strasse border crossing, one of seven street crossings between East and West Berlin (the Soviet and American sectors), during the time of the Wall. It was the checkpoint for goods and postal traffic between the two parts of the city.


cigarette advertising, deterioration, guard room, plant, squatter's symbol, stencil


Heinrich-Heine-Straße border crossing

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Original Caption

"In May 1990 I went for a walk along the demolished Wall to take some pictures. My route took me from the border crossing at Heinrich-Heine Straße, across Sebastianstraße and Waldemarstraße to the Engelbecken. I wanted to use the fallen Wall segments to show how the Wall had actually divided a whole street. The Western advertising at the demolished border crossing is also interesting."