Vanished Architecture: Minol gas station [11/11]



October 3 1990
Cottbus, Thälmannplatz, now Brandenburger Platz
Created By: Helmut Voss

License: Creative Commons License

The inner-city Minol gas station that has since been demolished


3 October, fueling station



Text in image


Minol wünscht gute Fahrt

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Original Caption

“After the reunification I worked as Internal Manager at Deutsche Bank in Cottbus for several years, in charge of structural measures in the branch sector of the bank. At that point in time it was already possible to envisage the short and medium-term changes that would have to be made to Cottbus’ infrastructure. With that in mind I set out to make a long-term documentary of buildings and places that I thought would be particularly affected. I decided to take the photos all on the same historical date, October 3rd (German Unity Day), with the intention of taking photos from the same perspective every ten years. October 3rd was also an interesting date on which to observe how and whether citizens would identify with the sudden “jump in time”. Unfortunately there wasn’t much of a celebratory mood in Cottbus that day, which is why there are relatively few people to be seen. If it weren’t for the flags hoisted on public buildings and a few residential buildings, it could have been just an ordinary Sunday.”