"Am Rand" ("On the Edge")



November 1 - December 31 1990
Berlin, Neukölln/Treptow, Moabit/Berlin-Mitte, Wedding/Prenzlauer Berg, Märkisches Viertel/Wilhelmsruh
Duration: 00:24:06 min.
Created By: Thomas Arslan
Production: Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin GmbH (dffb)

License: Not Creative Commons
Eintrag im dffb-Archiv."

From the Set

Exhibition theme: The Transformation of the GDR

Concept, Photography, Editing: Thomas Arslan
Sound: Christian Petzold

In and around the former border strip at four locations in Berlin; everyday life in a state of transition, between waste land and building site. Pedestrians walk by, remnants of the Wall are removed, the S-Bahn runs.


age, border fence, border patrol road, bridge, brownfield, building site, car, child, cleared border strip, crane, deconstruction of the Wall, engineering vehicle, group of people, hammer, mural crown, night, one person, pavement, plastic bag, rapid-transit railway, remains of the Wall, signboard, Trabant (car), train, tree, truck, two persons, workers


Eberswalder Straße (Prenzlauer Berg)/Bernauer Straße (Wedding) border crossing, Gleimstraße border crossing, Other places (Berlin)

Text in image

Am Rand

Berlin Nov./Dez. 1990 / Neukölln/Treptow / Moabit/B.-Mitte / Wedding/Prenzlauer Berg / Märk. Viertel/Wilhelmsruh

Entwurf, Kamera, Schnitt / Thomas Arslan

Ton / Christian Petzold

Besonderen Dank / an / Peter Nestler

© DFFB 1991