At Checkpoint Charlie



June 1989
Berlin, Friedrichstraße border crossing (Checkpoint Charlie)
Created By: Hartmut Kelm

License: Creative Commons License

At Friedrich Strasse border crossing (Checkpoint Charlie), one of seven street crossings between East and West Berlin (between Soviet and US American sectors) during the time of the Wall. Checkpoint Charlie was designated for use by foreign nationals, affiliates of the Allied Forces and diplomats


allies, building site, crane, graphic art, guard room, national flag, warning sign


Checkpoint Charlie

Text in image

You are entering the american sector / Carrying weapons off duty forbidden / Obey traffic rules

вы везжаете в американскии сектор / ность оружие запрешено в неслужеъное время / новинуитесь дорожым правилам

Vous entrez dans le secteur americain / Defense de porter des armes en dehors du service / Obeissez aux regles de circulation

Sie betreten den amerikanischen Sektor

US Army

Allied / Checkpoint Charlie