CDU display case "Eberhard Diepgen"



January 1 - March 31 1990
Schildow, Hauptstraße 20
Created By: Ralf Skiba

License: Creative Commons License

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The First Free Elections to the Volkskammer, in the Outskirts of Berlin, January to March 1990

Side of the Catholic rectory St. Katharine; affixed between two windows is a wooden display case featuring a handwritten and printed CDU campaign poster announcing an appearance by Eberhard Diepgen; between 1984 and 2001, Diepgen was mayor of Berlin for 15 years and 5 months, thereby becoming the longest running mayor in the city's history. The Fall of the Berlin Wall (9 November 1989) and German unification (3 October 1990) occurred during his "governmental pause" from March 1989 to January 1991. (Wikipedia-Artikel, translated and retrieved on 1 February 2010)


election poster, handmade medium, logo, motto, national colours, photography, portrait, showcase


election campaign, Volkskammer election


Alliance for Germany, Eberhard Diepgen

Text in image

Kath. Pfarramt / St. Katharinen

Eberhard Diepgen / kommt am / Freitag, dem 9.März, 16.30 Uhr / nach Berlin-Pankow / Marktplatz, Johannes-R.-Becher-Straße / Einheit und soziale Sicherheit / Allianz für Deutschland / DA / DSU / CDU / Christliche Demokratische Union Deutschlands - Otto-Nuschke-Straße 50, 1080 Berlin

- Sicherheit und / Erfüllung im Alter / - Mehr Fürsorge und Ge- / rechtigkeit für Senioren / - Menschenwürdige Be- / dingungen zum Lebens- / abend