Election of the People's Chamber on 18 March 1990: DA poster, "Stop" [16/47]



January 1 - March 31 1990
Berlin and vicinity
Created By: Ralf Skiba

License: Creative Commons License

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The First Free Elections to the Volkskammer, in the Outskirts of Berlin, January to March 1990

"Stop PDS, SPD, SED...". A wall with an election poster for the DA (Demokratischer Aufbruch (Democratic Awakening)) with an election poster glued onto it for Allianz für Deutschland (Alliance for Germany) electoral coalition (consisting of CDU-Ost, DA and DSU)


election poster, flower, graphic art, logo, motto, national colours, poster pasted over, traffic sign


election campaign, Volkskammer election


Alliance for Germany, Democratic Beginning


Other places (Berlin)

Text in image

den ganzen Schritt zu Einheit und Marktwirtschaft! / [...] DSU.

Stop / PDSPDSEDSPDPDS / DA / Demokratischer / Aufbruch

Der Sozialismus / hat viele Gesichter... / SPD / PDS / KPD / Vereinigte Linke / Nelken / Keines davon ist menschlich / Darum / Allianz für Deutschland / DA / DSU / CDU - Deutsche Soziale Union Berlin, Linienstr. 132, 1040 Berlin

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