Demonstration in Potsdam



November 4 1989
Potsdam, Platz der Nationen, now Luisenplatz
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On 4 November 1989, at almost the same time as the Alexanderplatz demonstration in East Berlin, the "first official protest march was held in Potsdam, [...] seen in relation to the total population it was one of the largest demonstrations to take place in an East German city on that day" (Grabner, Röder, Wernicke (Hrsg.): Potsdam 1945-1989). Demonstrators marched from Platz der Nationen (now known as Luisenplatz) over Wilhelm-Külz Strasse (now known as Breite Strasse) and Platz der Einheit square, passed the district administration office belonging to the Ministry for State Security in the GDR (Stasi) in Hegelallee and back to the initial starting point.


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Luisenplatz (Potsdam)

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