Brass band at the opening ceremony of a new border crossing

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November 10 - December 10 1989
Near Tann (Rhön), between Günthers and Motzlar
Created By: Karl-Heinz Pongs

License: Creative Commons License

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A new border crossing, Günthers/Motzlar, November 1989

From the Set

Exhibition theme: The Border Opens
The inner German border

A brass band performing at the opening celebrations of a border crossing between Guenthers, a part of the town Tann on the Roehn River in Hesse, and Motzlar, a part of Schleid, in Suhl district, now Thuringia


engineering vehicle, group of people, inner German border, musician, opening of the border, street, wind orchestra


fall of the Berlin Wall, inner German border, roadmaking


Günthers/Motzlar border crossing, Tann (Rhön)


Original Caption

"The marching band attached to the Tann volunteer fire brigade inaugurates the re-established road link between Günthers and Motzlar. The road was opened without delay and free of red tape."