Bornholmer Straße Border Crossing, Berlin, 9/10 November 1989: At the Bornholmer Straße border opening [13/29]



November 9 1989
Berlin, Bornholmer Straße border crossing
Created By: Peter R. Asche

License: Creative Commons License

A West German policeman talking to pedestrians during the opening of the border crossing at Bornholmer Strasse, one of seven street crossings between East and West Berlin (between the Soviet and French sectors) while the Wall was up and the first at which passport control was partially suspended on the night of 9th November 1989.


group of people, joy, night, November 9, 1989, opening of the border, policeman (FRG), state coat of arms


camera, fall of the Berlin Wall, joy, November 9, 1989, opening of the border, television


Günter Schabowski , police (FRG)


Bornholmer Straße, Bornholmer Straße border crossing, Bösebrücke (bridge)

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"Late on the evening of 9 November, our son Michael was out and about when he called to tell us that the border crossing at Bornholmer Straße was open! We had already heard a statement from Mr. Schabowski on various TV channels, but all we had inferred was that it would be possible to visit the Federal Republic of Germany in the future by submitting the proper application.

The border crossing was about ten minutes away from our apartment. I packed my T90 camera, some rolls of ORWO film, a flash, and batteries into my camera case. Then my wife and I set off and reached the crossing shortly after it had opened.

Beaming, joyous 'Easterners' were posing on the West side of the border in front of the entry signs for 'Citizens of the FRG' and 'Residents of West Berlin'. The GDR had always made this distinction!

Later, many more arrived with suitcases, some with prams and buggies, children and suitcases, others in their cars. All I had was my camera case.

At about three o'clock in the morning we returned home, passing by a bakery near Schönhauser Allee that was already open. Within these first hours, the baker had already figured out that it was supply and demand that controlled the market."

Peter R. Asche (Ost-Berlin)