At the Oberbaumbrücke border crossing



August 1990
Berlin, Oberbaumbrücke border crossing
Created By: Bernd Schmidt

License: Creative Commons License

People at the Oberbaumbrücke border crossing, one of the seven road crossings between East and West Berlin (Soviet and American sectors, respectively), and which was designated for pedestrians only


bench, bridge, child, group of people, guard room, plastic bag, rapid-transit railway, stencil, warning sign


Oberbaumbrücke border crossing

Text in image

[You are entering the american sector] / [Carrying weapons off duty forbidden / Obey traffic [rules]

вы везжаете в амер[иканскии] сектор / ность оружие запрешено [в неслужеъное время] / новинуитесь дорожым прави[лам]

[Vous] entrez dans le secteur am[ericain] / [Def]ense de porter des armes en dehors du [service] / [Obei]ssez aux regles de circul[ation]

[Sie] betreten den amerikanisch[en Sektor]

EK88I / Ich war wieder da! / Krücke


Original Caption

"Shopping bag city. At the time, many went shopping in the West and you could see people all over the city returning back to East Berlin with carrier bags."