A Visit to My Aunt – “Holiday from the System”, 20 June 1989: Elderly lady reading the B.Z newspaper [2/2]



June 20 1989
Created By: Jürgen Nagel

License: Not Creative Commons

From the Set

Exhibition theme: A Semblance of Normalcy


age, apartment, B.Z. (newspaper), logo, one person, photography, portrait, woman


family, holiday, home, surveillance camera


Kohl, Helmut Josef Michael, Walter Momper


Other places (Berlin)

Text in image

[V]errät die Lebenslinie / in der Hand wirklich / ob man steinalt wird ?

BZ / Bingo

Besuche in Ost-Berlin / Jetzt leicht[er] / rüber

Neu / Besuchs- / scheine

Neu / Hunde und / Kleintiere



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A week’s furlough, a holiday in Westberlin, or West Berlin, or Berlin (West) – A furlough with a dark blue “passport for Auntie’s birthday”. A holiday from the familiar system. One week.

Within the space of seven days, I’d almost settled in completely. And then it all ended abruptly with the slamming of the dark green, steel door, a door purporting to lead to the world, all under the watchful eye of security cameras. Home.

But it was with more than a queasy feeling in my stomach. Something other than just a feeling, located somewhere entirely different, indefinable, inexplicable. Here you are constantly forced to explain yourself. But didn’t Johann Gottfried von Herder say, home is where you do not have to explain yourself? Home?

Hours later, finally the feel of rough toilet paper on my arse! Home.

(From "Das Mauer-Syndrom", a collection of short pieces of prose written and compiled by the author between 1961 to 1990)

Jürgen Nagel (Ost-Berlin)