Demolition of the Wall, West Berlin, June/July 1990: Children playing around remnants of the Wall [11/22]



June 1 - July 31 1990
Berlin, Engelbecken
Created By: Fotogruppe Kita Frankenstraße 8-9

License: Creative Commons License

Children playing around remants of the Wall inside the former border strip; the border security fence and Hinterlandmauer (inner Eastern wall) in the background


barbed wire fence, child, cleared border strip, group of people, inner-Eastern Wall, mural crown, remains of the Wall


child, fall of the Berlin Wall, kindergarten, photographer


Angel´s Basin

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"When the Wall came down, I was in charge of a day-care centre. With one of the teachers and a group of children, who had formed a photography group, I was out and about in Berlin a lot. These pictures were taken by the children with very simple, cheap cameras but a great amount of enthusiasm. They were all taken in Kreuzberg and the children developed the films at our centre, with my former colleague’s help. At some point I stored them away in my archives."

Helga Schröder