A journey to the GDR, summer 1990: Wall with posters in Gera [74/109]



June 21 - September 22 1990
Created By: Brigitte Bauer

License: Not Creative Commons


advertising poster, billboard, damaged poster, poster, poster pasted over


industry, journey, nature, photographer, summer



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Peter Schönlein [...] / [...] Ralf Rauch

DDR kaputt / Deutschland ganz / Eine Abrechnung mit dem ""Realen Sozialismus" / und dem Imperialismus / deutscher Nation [...]

Neu / DDR kaputt / Deutschland ganz 2 / Der Anschluß / Eine Abrechnung mit der neuen Nation / und ihrem Nationalismus [...]

[...]liche Diskussionsveranstaltung der / Marxistischen Gruppe (MG) / Was bringt / der / Staatsvertrag? / Vom Werktätigen zum / freien Lohnarbeiter / Vom Realen Sozialis- / mus zum Sozialstaat / Jena: Montag, 28. Mai 1990, 19 Uhr, Spitz- / weidenweg 25
Gera: Dienstag, 29. Mai 1990, 19 Uhr, Klub / der Jugend und Sportler, Pushkinplatz

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"In the summer of 1990, fresh out of college with a degree in photography, I set off for the GDR. At first, everything I saw was the way I expected it to be: prefab housing, dying forests, huge industrial complexes in Bitterfeld, remnants of the Wall in Berlin, and Trabis. Aldi supermarkets were there already, too. It all just confirmed what I had suspected.

At the same time, it felt like travelling back in time, especially in the countryside and villages. There were roads lined with wild flowers, rustic gardens, and village streets like I remembered from my childhood but now so rare in the West. I find the term “home” very elusive, but in these August days in the GDR, I often had a homey feeling, and a sense of belonging, yet this also included a certain distance, as if I were looking in from outside.

After the summer I returned to France and put away the negatives; I didn’t even make contact prints of most of them. Indeed, that’s why I’m seeing or literally discovering these pictures for the first time today."

Brigitte Bauer (Arles, Frankreich)