Rioting at Alexanderplatz, East Berlin, 3 October 1990: Confrontation between police and demonstrators [1/4]



October 3 1990
Berlin, Alexanderplatz
Created By: Merit Schambach

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Exhibition theme: German Unification

Confrontation between police and demonstrators during a demonstration at Alexanderplatz. The demonstration was part of a series organized by autonomist groups entitled "Aktionstage für den Wiederzusammenbruch" ( "Action days for the 'reunifiasco'") held from 30 September - 3 October 1990, at which approx. 15,000 people took part.


3 October, baton, force, group of people, helmet, marcher, member of the People's Police, protest


demonstration, force, police, vandalism



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"After the reunification celebrations at Brandenburg Gate on the night of 2/3 October 1990, there was a counter-celebration on the evening of 3 October at Alexanderplatz under the motto: 'Shut Your Gob, Germany!' A huge contingent of police had been deployed there. Suddenly, there was a skirmish, stones flew through the air, a car was set on fire, and there was 'free beer' at the abandoned beer stands. The usual two blocks formed: the police and the crowd. Tempers flared on both sides. Attempts at mediation by an uninvolved bystander who ventured into the no-man’s-land between the two sides ended with someone throwing a cardboard banana box at his head. As if responding to some secret signal, the two fronts started to move: one side flitted to and fro hurling stones; the other, in pursuit. During the scrap not only were the stands wrecked, but also the glass windows of an electrical appliances shop under the S-Bahn arches were smashed, and the shop was looted."

Merit Schambach (Ost-Berlin)