Rally against the SED-PDS' retention of power



January 15 1990
Jena, Eichplatz
Created By: Jörg Auweiler

License: Not Creative Commons

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Exhibition theme: Protest and Flight

The rally held during the warning strike to protest against the SED-PDS' retention of power, at Eichplatz; St. Michaels's Parish Church in the background on the left; the town hall to the right


architectural structure, banderole, city hall, crowd, demonstration, protest sign, town square


Jena, St. Michael's Church


Original Caption

"On 15 January 1990, this demonstration, with its ensuing rally, took place under the proclamation, 'Warning Strike'. 30,000 people (almost the entire workforce employed by Jena's large concerns) took part. Following the demonstration around the old town of Jena, participants gathered in the Central Square (called Eichplatz today) in Jena. The reason behind the warning strike was a fear that the old GDR structures would be strengthened during the modernisation process."