9 November 1989, Berlin: Green Trabant at Schloßstraße subway station [1/1]



November 9 1989
Berlin, Schloßstraße, beneath Joachim-Tiburtius bridge
Created By: Claudia Zundel

License: Creative Commons License


bridge, crowd, metro station, November 9, 1989, queue, street, Trabant (car)


fall of the Berlin Wall, professor, university


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"On the day the Wall fell I cycled, as always, to the drama department at the Freie Universität in Berlin.
Our tutor, who was sitting at the top of the room, said, 'the Wall's open'. Somewhat bemused we students looked at one another and shrugged our shoulders with indifference. Suddenly, tears started rolling down his face and he asked us to leave the seminar room for a moment. Although we still hadn't understood what was going on, we complied with his request.

While standing outside in the corridor, we contemplated the situation and hesitantly accepted that he was crying. At the end of day, given that he was an older professor, he belonged to another generation and that was perhaps why he was feeling so emotional. His relatives from 'over there' were allowed to come and visit him in person now.

So what? But what about us?"

Claudia Zundel