Aktuelle Kamera, March 1, 1990: Newscast, press conference of the Ministerrat



March 1 1990
Duration: 02:53 min.
Broadcaster: Deutscher Fernsehfunk (DFF) - DRA

License: Not Creative Commons

“Report on the press conference of the Ministerrat (Council of Ministers) concerning the resolutions on holding Volkseigene Betriebe (VEB; Publicly Owned Operations) and other public property in trust. The plan was to found the Anstalt zur treuhänderischen Verwaltung des Volkseigentums (Agency for the Management of Public Property in Trust), or Treuhandanstalt for short. Dubious reporting in the West German press about an eminent currency union was severely criticized by Wolfgang Ullmann (minister without portfolio). / Wolfgang Ullmann (minister without portfolio): He stated that news had come to him from a reliable source that important capital investors for the GDR had withdrawn from negotiations because of false press information in the FRG about a supposedly imminent currency union. The press reports had been published without the knowledge of the GDR government and over the heads of GDR citizens.” (Source: DRA)


minister, newscast, Pressekonferenz


German reunification, monetary union, social market economy, Treuhandanstalt, workers


Hans Modrow, Ullmann, Wolfgang