The fall of the Wall: dreamed of - but not thought possible: In front of the Wall on Ebertstraße [15/17]



November 11 1989
Berlin, Ebertstraße
Created By: Gottfried Schenk

License: Not Creative Commons


Berlin Wall (West), bicycle, group of people, Wall graffiti


fall of the Berlin Wall, freedom of travel, joy, sorrow, wave of refugees, Workers'-Peasants' Red Army


Egon Krenz


Brandenburg Gate

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Frapp Reiner

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Spencer / Tagg

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"There was no doubt that something had to happen. People were deserting the GDR. Ever since the border opening between Austria and Hungary in early summer 1989, the Wall had acquired a bolthole by which tens of thousands were fleeing to the West. But come early autumn 1989, it remained unclear as to how Egon Krenz's new government would handle the situation. And how would the Soviet Union react with its close to half a million battle-ready soldiers posted between the Oder and Elbe Rivers? Scenes ranging from 17 June 1953 to the outbreak of World War Three all fell within the realm of the imaginable. As a citizen of West Berlin, the outlook didn't look particularly good. In the case of conflict, it'd mean still being involved. But then it all went breathtakingly fast – and peacefully. New travel regulations were announced at an improvised press conference. And as of immediate effect. It was later established that the announcement was born out of a misunderstanding but by then it was too late to close the dam breach. Tens of thousands stormed over the border crossings and flooded the Western part of the city. And instead of apocalyptic horror scenarios, people danced with glee on the Wall and celebrated reunification! It was a thrilling time for me. The spirit of optimism at the Brandenburg Gate, on the Ku'damm and at the border crossings was unlike anything the city had witnessed since the 70s. And very much with the view to feeling just at home on Unter den Linden and the Kollwitzplatz as on Wittenbergplatz and in Charlottenburg!"

Gottfried Schenk

Original Caption

"Wall pilgrims on Ebertstr."