Exhibition theme: Encounters and Explorations: In the border strip [61/65]



December 1 1989 - December 31 1990
Berlin, Brandenburg Gate
Created By: Gerd Rosskamp

License: Not Creative Commons

Inside the former border strip; the Berlin Wall is on the left; the Hinterlandmauer (inner Eastern wall) to the right; the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate are in the background


animal, Berlin Wall (East), cleared border strip, inner-Eastern Wall, nature


Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag building

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Freedom of travel made it possible for people to spontaneously visit friends and family together. These visits were captured on film, too. Many took advantage of the opportunity to explore the unknown country in the West or the East. Curiosity was not limited to sightseeing. There was also a great interest in people living in the other part of Germany, and in creating a sense of community. Partnerships between towns and cities were established and revived, and associations in both East and West organized meetings. Many longstanding friendships were formed in this period when curiosity was such a potent force.