Exhibition theme: German Unification: Confrontation between police and demonstrators [1/21]



October 3 1990
Berlin, Alexanderplatz
Created By: Merit Schambach

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Rioting at Alexanderplatz, East Berlin, 3 October 1990

Confrontation between police and demonstrators during a demonstration at Alexanderplatz. The demonstration was part of a series organized by autonomist groups entitled "Aktionstage für den Wiederzusammenbruch" ( "Action days for the 'reunifiasco'") held from 30 September - 3 October 1990, at which approx. 15,000 people took part.


3 October, baton, force, group of people, helmet, marcher, member of the People's Police, protest


demonstration, force, police, vandalism



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On 3 October 1990, when the GDR came under the Basic Law of the Federal Republic, people had almost become used to the idea that the two German states were one. Or, at least, it appears to be this way when we see the many small celebrations held at new border crossings opened in winter 1989/1990 and spring 1990. In retrospect, they appear far more euphoric than the official celebration of German Unity. By autumn 1990, the worries of everyday life had caught up with people again. Hence, in their minds the weeks immediately following 9 November 1989 would remain unrivalled as the most joyous period of celebration.