Exhibition theme: A Semblance of Normalcy: "Brot und Spiele" (Pfingsttreffen der FDJ) ("Bread and circuses" (Whitsun meeting of Youth)) [18/19]



May 1989
Berlin, Alexanderplatz
Duration: 05:49 min.
Created By: Cornelia Klauß

License: Not Creative Commons

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Whitsun Meeting of the FDJ, East Berlin, May 1989

A short film by Cornelia Klauß, shot in May 1989 at the FDJ (Free German Youth) Whitsun meeting. The sequences were edited in 2009 in cooperation with the Stiftung Deutsche Kinemathek.

"Tens of thousands of delegated members came to the Whitsun meetings of the FDJ that were held every five years in a designated city, the last taking place on Whitsun 1989 in East Berlin." (retrieved and translated from Wikipedia on Mai 1, 2009)


age, art event, bicycle, concert, everyday culture, flag of the GDR, flower, group of people, logo, member of the People's Police, military vehicle, musical instrument, musician, soldier, Whitsun Meeting of Youth (GDR)


Free German Youth, Socialist Unity Party of Germany


Alexanderplatz, Berlin Cathedral

Text in image

Brot und Spiele / Pfingsttreffen Mai 1989 / in Berlin

Sozialistische Deutsche Einheitspartei

Treff mit Rosa [Luxemburg]

Wissenschaft / Show / Treffen der FDJ

Alex Passage

Wir unterstützen / die Finanzierung / der Fahrkarte / nach Phöngjang

5 fevrier 1989 – 5 fevrier 1989 / 10 ANS DE PAIX, / D'ACTIONS CONVRETES / ET DE PROGRES

Neues Deutschland

Solidarität / Herzenssache / […]

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Many people who experienced the final summer of SED rule in East Germany recall how fragile reality seemed at the time. The incongruity between the way normal citizens experienced reality and the way it was perceived by GDR leaders was all too apparent. People were increasingly articulating this discrepancy. Minor concessions, as in the case of travel, for instance, were intended to improve the mood within the population. Rising protest against living conditions continued to be nipped in the bud. That summer nobody could have imagined that the dream of freedom would soon be reality.