Exhibition theme: The Border Opens: View through the Wall [67/87]



February 1990
Created By: Norbert Esemann

License: Creative Commons License


Berlin Wall (West), chisel traces, group of people, man, member of the People's Police, steel reinforcement, Wall hole


Other places (Berlin)

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Almost everyone knows to this day where he or she was on 9 November 1989. The joy at being suddenly granted the freedom to travel, also to West Germany, was immense. Each time a new border crossing was opened, people celebrated. In the same way, the removal of segments of the Wall and of border fence, as well as the reconstruction of roads between East and West became important events. Countless photographs and films taken in Berlin and at the inner-German border document these incidents as they occurred – thus preserving the good fortune of experiencing everything live for the family album.

Original Caption

"Two of my colleagues (together with a People's Army policeman) looking from East to West."