The First Free Elections to the Volkskammer, in the Outskirts of Berlin, January to March 1990: Neues Forum poster, "New Hope" [113/207]



January 1 - March 31 1990
Berlin and vicinity
Created By: Ralf Skiba

License: Creative Commons License

"Neue Hoffnung" ("New Hope"). A partially torn election poster for the Neuen Forum


damaged poster, election poster, logo, motto, poster pasted over


election campaign, Volkskammer election


Alliance 90, New Forum


Other places (Berlin)

Text in image

Neues Forum / Neue Hoffnung / - Wenn Sie weiter mitreden wollen... / - Wenn Sie den Parolen der Parteien / nicht [...]uen... / Wenn S[...]ie Zukunft nicht / aus [...]nd nehmen lassen / w[...] /
Entsc[...] / Die Akteu[...] / G[...]

[...]e / [...]sprüch[...] / en. / [Bündnis] 90

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"I was born in Berlin and watched the Wall being built from my classroom in the district of Wedding. I found it quite remarkable that the GDR, the German 'Democratic!' Republic, held its first democratic elections on 18 March 1990 only to dissolve itself shortly afterwards. In the run-up to the election, I spent nearly every weekend from January to March 1990 touring the area around Berlin with my family, and taking photographs of the election campaign, posters, and everything else that had to do with the elections."

Ralf Skiba (West Berlin)